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When you decide to register with HiBiD:
You will receive 100 free credits into your account.
If you should enter any unacceptable information or leave a required box empty you will get an error at the top of the page. Rectify the error, re-enter the validation text (It will have changed) and click the register button.

Any information apart from your HiBiD ID can be changed later by logging in and selecting  My Settings in the Control Panel.
All user details are confidential where only an items seller and the buyer details will be mutually exchanged.
Only your HiBiD username and your City will be shown on your ads or correspondence.


You must register before you can log-in.

Forgotten Password or ID Name 

If you forget or lose your password, or your HiBiD ID name, just click "My HiBiD" on the top navigation bar. Then, in the LOG IN panel click on:
 "I have lost my Password" link.
A box will appear where you can enter your registered email address. A confirmation email will be sent. You will need to reply to this email by clicking the link to HiBiD.  Shortly after this your login details including a new password will be sent in a second email.  The new password will consist of random letters and numbers.  You can change the password to your choice by visiting My Settings in the Control Panel.

Control Panel 

If you cannot see your control panel, click on "My HiBiD" in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
The Control Panel has all your functions in one place.  

Click the links below to go directly to the function you want explained.
The functions are
Place an Ad
My Messages
My Settings
My Account
My Ads
Refer a Friend
Log Out
My HiBiD.

Place an Ad  

To reduce spam and unsuitable material being advertised, all new members adverts will be checked before they are put on the site.  
After you have placed a few adverts your status will be upgraded and your adverts will be placed immediately.

When you click "Place my ad", the first thing to do is select the most suitable category for your item from the drop down box. Click on the small blue arrow and the list will drop down, click on the category you want to use, then click on the "Select" button.  More categories will be added as the need arises.

Now  fill in the details for your item.

In most of the general listings only the first 20 letters of the description are shown so try to make them meaningful to the seller.
Lovely big cardboard box of CNMG120408 Sandvic Tips
will show in listings as
Lovely big cardboard ....
Better to describe as
Sandvic CNMG 120408 in cardboard box.

Carriage  Cost/Free/Collect/Ask:
Please enter the most suitable carriage details or your own preferred option EG COD, CASH on Collection. This box cannot be left blank.  You can add a price for carriage later by editing your ad

Location of Item:
You can leave this box blank.
If the item is perhaps located in another town away from your address

Tick box for Auction:
With HiBiD you can display your item as an Auction or as a Classified Ad.
Only tick the box if you want to auction your item.
Leave the box un-ticked and this will a fixed price or offers type sale.

Asking Price OR Auction Start Price:
If your sale is an Auction this is the price you want to start the bidding.
If your sale is a Classified this will be your asking price.  You can add ONO or negotiable in your item description.

Bid Increment:
You choose the increments of each bid.  As a guide,  £20 bid £1,  £50 bid £5,  £100 bid £10,  £1000 bid £100

It is free to add a picture.  Only one picture can be displayed.
MAXIMUM PICTURE SIZE is 100K.  Larger pictures are rejected.   The displayed picture in the advert is reduced to a maximum 300 pixels wide so it is better for you to reduce the size before uploading to make sure that the screen quality is good.

To load up a picture click the "Browse" button.  This will take you to your own C drive where you can pick the picture you want to send.

Nothing fancy here.  Just type in your item description. You can spruce up your description with colour and bold.  Most HTML tags are removed to prevent malicious use of scripts.

Number of Days:
You can have your ad running for up to 30 days. Click the blue arrow and select the number of days you require.

This will put your ad at the top of the listings and it will also be displayed in the Featured Items box

This will display your item in a highlighted line in the listings.

Finished.  Now click the "Place Your Ad" button
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My Messages  

When you log in to your HiBiD, the control panel will show a new flag    if you have any new messages.
You can READ  REPLY or DELETE any of your messages.
You can only contact other members if they have an active sale.  At the bottom of their ad there is a link to "Contact User About This Item"  where you can ask the seller questions or make a deal to purchase the goods.

CLICK HERE to go back to Control Panel

My Settings  

Here you can change or update your personal information, change your password and adjust your email preferences.  Only your HiBiD ID remains unchanged.

CLICK HERE to go back to Control Panel

My Account  

Your account will show how many credits you have.  You can purchase more credits by Paypal.  Other payment methods are being evaluated but are not yet active.
You cannot place an ad if you don't have enough credits.
When you have recommended a friend to join, 100 credits go into your account when they register. This will show up in your account.

CLICK HERE to go back to Control Panel

My Ads  

Click on "My Ads" to see a list of all your current and expired ads.  The Expires,,,,, timer shows how long they have to run or shows 0:0:0 if they have expired.  Expired ads will stay in the system for up to 30 days, after which time they are automatically deleted.

CLICK HERE to go back to Control Panel

Refer a Friend  

When you Refer a Friend and that friend registers with HiBiD, you will receive bonus credits into your account. The amount is 100 credits per each registered referral.

CLICK HERE to go back to Control Panel 

Log Out  

If other people use your computer it is better to log out when you leave. Just click the "Log Out" in the navigation bar at the top of the screen or in your control panel.
It is not necessary to log out if you are the only person who uses your computer.  
HiBiD will keep you logged in, saving you time when you visit.

CLICK HERE to go back to Control Panel

My HiBiD  

This will take you to the starting screen.  All the things you can do with HiBiD are on this screen

CLICK HERE to go back to Control Panel 

Edit or Delete your Ad  

NOTE- If you ad is an auction and bids have been placed, you cannot edit the ad.
The category  and the number of days cannot be changed.
Otherwise, the details of your ad can be changed including the price, description, photo etc.

Go to your Control Panel and select "My Ads"
From the list,  click on the ad you want to edit.
The ad will be displayed as normal.
Click on the Edit or Delete links which are only shown if it is your ad.

Re Advertise  

When your ad expires, you will receive an email to let you know.  You can easily re-advertise the item.
Go to your Control Panel and click on "My Ads".
This will show a list of all your active and expired items.
Select the expired Item you want to re-advertise.
(If you have similar items, check the Expires.. time, it will be shown as 0 Days 00:00:00)
The listing will be displayed with the option to "Re-Advertise Item"

All the original item details, price and photo will be used.
The category and number of days cannot be altered.  
Other details may be changed AFTER you place the ad. See Edit Your Ad

If you require a different category or different number of days you will need to start from scratch and Place an Ad 

Fees and Payments  

The HiBiD philosophy is to facilitate an  inexpensive, targeted  sales outlet for UK based Engineers.

When you  register, 100 credits will be placed in your account. You can use these free credits immediately.  This is sufficient to place 20 standard adverts / auctions.

Each time you Refer a Friend,  a further 100 credits will be placed in your account when your friend registers with HiBiD.

On Jan 2006:

Cost to place an Ad = 5 credits

Cost for optional Highlighted ad = 5 credits
Cost for optional Featured ad = 10 credits

Cost to add a Photo = FREE
Cost on completion of sale = FREE
Cost of commission on sale = FREE
Cost of "Under a Tenner" category = FREE
Cost for "Wanted" Items = FREE
Cost for "Information Wanted" = FREE

Category List